Wash your glasses require some basic rules.

First, it is advisable to wash Anorinver glasses in hand, and never dishwasher. This is mainly for two reasons: the dishwasher uses a particularly hot water (not recommended), and dishwasher uses some detergent products that are too agressives.

How to wash your glasses with hands ?

The first well-known rule of owners of glasses such as those we sell is the following: do not wash your glasses after drinking alcohol. The advise may seem obvious, but that is one of the leading causes of breakage: after drinking it is advisable to not wash your glasses. Put simply your glasses aside, after rinsing.

Simply wash your glasses with warm water (but not boiling). Quality glass do not like extreme temperatures, as well as major temperature shock. This could cause breakage (even very very small breakage).

A little soap (in gel) and a mild hot water are more than enough to clean your glasses. Perform gentle movements. Once cleaned, rinse can be done with water at the same temperature. Then let the glass dry, upside down on a towel for example.