Hazards and constraints of different shippers make it imperative to better protect its package , considering the fact that the package can be abused .

That is why AuJoliVerre apply a simple principle, which is also a point of view shared by most shippers glasses : our package must be over-sized , and in some cases doubled - glasses should never clash and glasses must be tightly packed in the package with air bags and bubble wrap , for example.


A package constructed so carefully , as we do in the shop AuJoliVerre , eliminates many hassles , and enables you to receive your glasses without any breakage. However, it is imperative that have an extremely simple reflex receiving our packages:

  • First, check if the package does not have any external evidence that would indicate it was extremely poorly handled.
  • On the other hand , and this is probably the most important, slightly shake the parcel from left to right : you should not hear any sound of glass .

In one case or the other , or if you have reasonable doubt , open the parcel in front of the carrier. If there is indeed the case in the package, then you must give it to him , and refuse the package.

These precautions are common sense precautions . We do our best to give particular attention to packages that we send to you , but so far we are never safe from an extremely indelicate handling.